Linux No Longer Listed as Supported Platform for Adobe Reader

Adobe removes the Linux support for yet another product
Silviu Stahie on September 29th, 2014 15:56 GMT

Adobe Reader is no longer an item of interest for the Linux users, and the company that makes it has removed the Linux platform from the list of supported OSes.

All the Adobe products are slowly disappearing from the Linux ecosystem. Adobe Air is no more, Adobe Flash is now in maintenance mode and it hasn’t been updated for a couple of years, and now Adobe Reader no longer lists Linux as supported platform. To be fair, it was an old version and not a lot of people used it.

Life will be the same for Linux users without Adobe Reader. There are still lots of applications that provide support, like Evince, Okular, Foxit, and qpdfview, just to name a few. And we’re not even mentioning Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, which are able to open PDF file by default.

The reason for Adobe’s estrangement with the Linux world is unclear. They stopped being interested in this platform a while ago, although other OSes (like iOS for example) are doing the same thing with them. It’s very likely that all Linux support will stop very soon.

You can still download Adobe Reader 9.5.5 from Softpedia, if you get teary-eyed, and we’ll keep it on our servers until no one wants it anymore.




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